Representative Cases

    Successfully represented respondent-client in an arbitration proceeding initiated by our client’s former business associates, seeking approximately $800,000, claiming that our client breached a contract entered into by the parties and committed fraudulent and improper conduct. The arbitrator found in favor of our client on every claim raised by the claimants and awarded them nothing on their demands.

    Successfully defended a real estate broker sued by his former client for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, seeking total damages of approximately $200,000. Although the real estate broker had initially been represented by other counsel, and the case had been pending for more than a year in the courts, we substituted in as new counsel within weeks of the trial date. After becoming counsel, we expeditiously developed an action plan and successfully settled the lawsuit soon thereafter by demonstrating to plaintiff the weaknesses of his case.

    Successfully defended a borrower sued by a lender for approximately $120,000 (plus interest and attorney fees). We filed a cross-complaint against the lender for violation of California Constitution Article 15, Section 1 (usury laws) and unfair business practices. We successfully settled the case with both parties dismissing their claims and the lender receiving nothing from our client.

    Successfully represented a landlord in a Special Circumstances petition in an arbitration proceeding before the San Francisco Rent Board to increase a tenant’s rent in a rent-controlled unit to fair market rent. The tenant was paying substantially lower than fair market rent due to an understanding that the tenant would vacate the unit within a specified time. However, after the specified time had passed, the tenant refused to vacate, refused to indicate when the tenant would move out, if ever, and refused to pay fair market rent. The Administrative Law Judge determined that our client was entitled to permanently raise the tenant’s rent to the fair market rate. This resulted in our client receiving a substantial increase in rent for as long as the tenant continued occupying the subject unit.

    Successfully defended a president of a company sued by a former employee for marital and race discrimination and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The plaintiff claimed that she was terminated because of her race and because she was married to another employee with whom our client had business disagreements. We successfully settled the case in a global settlement (that included other parties and other claims) and plaintiff received nothing from our client for her claims.

    Successfully defended a judicial foreclosure lawsuit brought by the lender against our client for nonpayment of a mortgage secured by a multi-unit condominium building. The lender sought damages of approximately $1,500,000 including principal, interest, attorney fees and costs, alleging that borrower’s loan balance was accelerated due to default in payments. Prior to filing the action, the lender had refused to reconvey several of the parcels secured by the mortgage, thereby preventing our client from selling several units and paying down the outstanding mortgage owed to the lender. Within a few weeks after the action was filed, we had the lender: 1) reconvey several parcels of property so that our client could sell those units and pay the alleged defaulted payments; 2) reinstate the mortgage; and 3) dismiss the judicial foreclosure action.

    Successfully defended a judicial foreclosure lawsuit brought by the lender against our client alleging total damages of approximately $800,000 including principal, interest, attorney fees and costs. We filed a cross-complaint against the lender alleging the lender’s improper conduct and successfully settled the case and avoided foreclosure of the subject property.

    Successfully represented a borrower and successfully settled within a few months of the filing of a complaint for deficiency judgment after a foreclosure sale brought by the lender seeking approximately $100,000 (plus interest, attorney fees and costs).

    Successfully represented an employer by appealing and overturning a California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) decision. Before retaining Szeto Law Group, the employer had lost prior appeals to overturn decisions made by the CUIAB and the Employment Development Department (EDD) granting unemployment benefits to the former employee and taxing the employer’s unemployment insurance account. After being retained, we were able to demonstrate to the CUIAB that the former employee was not entitled to unemployment benefits because she had voluntarily terminated her employment to preempt our client from terminating her for misconduct, which would have precluded her from unemployment benefits under California law. As a result, the former employee was not entitled to unemployment benefits and our client received a refund to its unemployment benefits reserve account that had been taxed.

    Successfully defended a commercial tenant in an unlawful detainer action brought by a landlord attempting to terminate the tenant’s lease based on an alleged breach of the lease. Our client had a long-term lease, with approximately ten years remaining with the rent fixed at an extremely below-market rate. We litigated the case aggressively, demonstrating that the landlord’s lawsuit was meritless, resulting in the landlord dismissing the case at trial.

    Successfully represented a plaintiff in a lawsuit brought against our client’s former business associates and employer for fraud, breach of contract, nonpayment of wages, failure to provide meals and rest periods under California Labor Code sections 226.7 and 512, failure to pay final wages upon termination within the required time under California Labor Code sections 201-203 and unfair business practices. We successfully settled the case within a few months of filing the complaint.

    Assisted an employer in obtaining a judgment against a former employee for embezzling funds.

The foregoing list is a summary of some of the matters that we have handled. Previous results are not a guarantee of future outcomes.Contact Szeto Law Group for a free telephone consultation regarding your legal matter.
Szeto Law Group is the epitome of how every law firm should be. They are experts in their field, completely honest and forthcoming with information, extending help and providing good advice that is always in their client's best interests and all at a fair and competitive price. I highly recommend Szeto Law Group to anyone needing a Real Estate Lawyer.

         - Rebecca K., Fremont, California

I have spoken with 3-4 different attorneys regarding my landlord/tenant matters, and of those I talked to, I felt Maymei Szeto had much more patience to listen to my situation and evaluate the pros/cons of what can be done. Some lawyers were very cocky and wanted payment right away to get started on work when they did not even know the full story. Maymei took the time to discuss with me the whole situation, understand what my end goal is, and access the best path with least financial and time impact, helping me navigate through the complicated San Francisco landlord/tenant laws. It was a stressful situation for me, and in desperation, I was eager to take what seemed to me was the “easiest” route with little regard for the consequences of it later. Maymei was dedicated and worked tirelessly to negotiate terms that I felt achieved my goals and at the same time minimize my legal risks. I saw first hand her negotiation tactics as well as her skill in drafting legal agreements that cover all avenues of legal loopholes and am thoroughly impressed with her thoroughness and legal acuity. As my attorney, she has made all the difference, and I would not hesitate to use her again on any future legal matters.

         - S.L., San Jose, California

Maymei is knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I have recommended her to my clients and will continue to do so.

         - Joseph Chu,
          Real Estate Broker and Instructor

Great experience! We are very grateful for your help regarding our landlord-tenant issue. Maymei Szeto is a real professional in her field and we are very glad to choose Szeto Law Group. We definitely will recommend Maymei and Szeto Law Group to whoever needs professional assistance.

         - Anna, San Francisco, California

The Szeto Law Group recently provided us with counsel regarding a residential real estate contract. Their assistance provided us with confidence as we sailed smoothly through the transaction process.

         - Dan, Mountain View, California

After moving out of an apartment, my landlord insisted that I owed much more than the cleaning deposit. Ms. Szeto was very helpful in providing me advice, and explaining my options, and the possible consequences. She was very attentive to details. In the end, I avoid a costly law suit (my main goal), and was able to reach a satisfactory settlement. I can recommend her unequivocally.

         - Eric K., Moraga, California

Very professional and knowledgeable of laws. I would refer someone and will use Szeto Law Group again in the future.

         - Satisfied Client

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